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The Crew Girls Dance Group welcomes girls of all ages and abilities. We will give you a platform to express your ability in an environment that will boost your confidence and self-esteem


With dynamic choreography and opportunities, you will create life lasting memories and great friendships.


We Are The Crew Girls Routines are to be performed.



Your chance to become a Crew Girl is just 1 step away ....... What are you waiting for ? ... Click on the picture to apply. 



If you are hosting an event and would like a visit from The Crew Girls .....

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An exciting feature that highlights events The Crew Girls have attended during, "This Week", over our 23 year history, we hope you enjoy our memories as much as we enjoyed making them.



December 15th -  31st

  •  15th - 2010 - Bramcote Army Barracks - Regimental Xmas Day
  •  16th - 2002 - Basildon - Betterware Promotion
  •  17th - 2000 - London Palladium
  •  17th - 2007 - Ricoh Arena - JSB Xmas Party
  •  17th - 2016 - Niayahs Fund
  •  18th - 1999 - Coventry City Centre - Bandstand
  •  18th - 2002 - Bristol - Betterware Promotion
  •  19th - 1998 - Coventry City Centre - Bandstand
  •  19th - 2001 - Birmingham Symphony Hall - Christmas Crackers
  •  19th - 2002 - Manchester - Betterware Promotion
  •  20th - 2002 - Bolton - Betterware Promotion
  •  20th - 2014 - Coventry Bees - Xmas Promtion
  •  21st - 2006 - Ricoh Arena - JSB Xmas Party
  • 22nd - 2005 - Ricoh Arena - JSB Xmas Party
  •  22nd - 2008 - Ricoh Arena - JSB Xmas Party
  •  22nd - 2016 - Nuneaton - Acorn Lodge Retirement Home
  • 23rd - 1996 - Lord Mayors Parlour
  • 23rd - 2000 - Coventry City Centre - Bandstand
  • 23rd - 2013 - Supporting Christmas Soup Kitchen 

The Crew Girls were formed in August 1994 and has been successful for more than 23 years. In that time we have performed at well over 3,000 events all over the UK from Edinburgh in the north to the Isle of Wight in the south with most places in between.


The Crew Girls are:-



As a result we are booked for a huge variety of events, from performing at sporting venues to representing numerous companies and charities.


Regardless of size/venue each booking is treated with equal importance.



The Crew Girls would like to welcome 2 new additions to our backroom team.


Paul Williams - has taken up the role of The Crew Girls Official Photographer. Paul's expertise and enthusiasm fits well with our outlook and together we will create some fantastic CGI's ...... Crew Girls Images


Megan McDevitt (Warwickshire College) - who while still being a valued member of our dance team will combine that role with that of The Crew Girls Official Make Up Artist.

Thank you to the both of you for the roles you are undertaking, your support is greatly appreciated.

Congratulations Coventry


The Crew Girls are very proud of our home city and are delighted that our city was chosen as the City of Culture 2021.

We are looking forward to being a part of this great citys success

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