''HYBRID'' will bring a new concept to the dance world......In 2018 The Crew Girls set out on a mission to highlight the effects that mental health can have on people from all walks of life, regardless of age, status or social background, mental health can impact us all.

We wished to develop the project as a gradual movement building year on year, unfortunately in early 2020 Covid put a break on this journey.....if ever there was a more startling example of how our mental health situation can change.


.......and continue it will in 2024, The Crew Girls are pleased to announce that we are currently developimg a HYBRID show, watch out for the photoshoot to follow.








We aim to create an environment, through dance, where girls/women can develop the confidence to embrace their issues. To stand up to the stigma associated to Mental Health and to move forward in the knowledge that their voice and opinions counts.


Each routine the HYBRID GIRLS perform will be a story, which in turn will be part of a greater story that will develop as we tackle this issue. 

We are not naive to believe that we can defeat Mental Health, but if our message helps just one girl/woman along the way then that message will have been a success.

We aim to bring a whole new way of promoting and empowering girls/women, to give each one a platform on which to develop their own strengths & confidence. To be able to say:-


“I Am a Girl/Woman and My Opinion and My Strength Is My Future”


We will attempt to promote self-worth, to showcase strength and resilience through dance, to highlight the issues and troubles that girls/women face and to help break down the stigma created by Mental Health, a big ask but one that we hope we can make a difference.







The letter “E” brings so many words we believe in and each one will help girls/women with their struggle, each word can be expanded upon to develop skills along the way for each individual’s success story.


THE 7 E’s




Allow everyone to feel free from their issues, to develop the knowledge that they can achieve whatever they wish.




Engage everyone through dance to feel a part of something special. The time they are dancing is a time they can be themselves….”this is their time”.




To create an excitement at making a difference not just to themselves but to all who come across the HYBRID GIRLS.




Create energy within the dance and to showcase their ability and success both individually and while working as a team.




They will feel the emotion within the HYBRID and that will in turn allow them to understand their own feelings.




They will be free to express their own creative ideas through makeup/image and to say – “This is Me”.




Embrace the HYBRID ideal and to showcase their own strength and confidence as they develop their lives in a positive manner.


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